"Moment of Truth"
Director: Paul McGuigan
Writer(s): Cheo Hodari Coker
Series: Luke Cage
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 1
Original airdate: September 30, 2015
Next Episode: "Code of the Streets"

"Moment of Truth" is the premiere episode of season one of Luke Cage.


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Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • Moment of Truth is the name of a song included in the album of the same name of the hip-pop duo Gang Starr.
  • When Pop calls Luke Cage Power Man, that is a reference to his name in the comics.
  • Cottonmouth is selling weapons made by Hammer Industries. Hammer Industries is run by Justin Hammer and was a competitor of Stark Industries. Justin Hammer appeared in and was played by Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2.
  • The "rebound chick" mentioned briefly early in the episode is Jessica Jones.
  • At the end of the episode, Luke Cage says that he's "not for hire". Ironically, the character's first appearance was in a 1972 comic called "Luke Cage, Hero for Hire".
  • In the scene at Cottonmouth's club between Cottonmouth, Maraiah and Domingo, she mentions the incident that happened to Fisk.
  • When Luke Cage is walking down the street a man says that he has blu-ray movies of "Tony Stark, a blonde man with the hammer, etc" making a reference to marvel super heroes, from where Luke Cage is.
  • In this episode, Mariah Stokes says to Cornell Stokes that, "politics is where the real power is." In another Netflix Original, House of Cards (2013), Ali plays a character named Remy Danton, who at one point, is the Chief of Staff for the President of the United States.
  • A thug says: "I don't even like these guys" and runs away, after Luke knocks out the rest of his crew. This is similar to the line delivered by a thug in Iron Man 3, when Iron Man does the same thing to some thugs, mirroring the scene.


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