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Rumors about Logan.


  • CONFIRMED: Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine.[1][2]
  • CONFIRMED: This will be Jackman's final time as Wolverine.
  • CONFIRMED: Patrick Stewart is in talks to appear in the film as Old Professor Xavier in a team up with Wolverine.
  • DEBUNKED: Liev Schreiber will return as Victor Creed/Sabertooth.[3][4][5]
  • CONFIRMED: Elizabeth Rodriguez will appear.[6]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will also be Stewart's final time as Professor X.[7]


  • DEBUNKED: Mark Millar has suggested Cyclops as a replacement for Hawkeye's role in the original Old Man Logan story, and the Blob in the role of the Hulk. [8]
  • DEBUNKED: Deadpool may appear.[9]
  • DEBUNKED: Sabretooth may appear.[10][11]
  • DEBUNKED: Nick Fury may appear.
  • DEBUNKED: Yukio may appear.
  • DEBUNKED: Mariko Yashida may appear.
  • DEBUNKED: Logan's son Daken may appear.
  • DEBUNKED: Logan and Mariko may have a child.
  • DEBUNKED: Logan and Mariko's daughter Kirika may appear.
  • CONFIRMED: X-23 will appear.[12]
  • DEBUNKED:Omega Red may appear.
  • DEBUNKED: Mr. Sinister or Protus will be the main antagonist.[13][14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Richard E. Grant's role is Donald Pierce or Mr. Sinister.[5][16]
  • DEBUNKED: Boyd Holbrook will portray an original character.[5]
  • DEBUNKED: Essex Corporation will appear.[14][15]
  • CONFIRMED: Stephen Merchant's role is Caliban.
  • DEBUNKED: Arcade will appear.[17]


  • DEBUNKED: Logan may dawn his iconic Yellow and Black '75 costume, similar to the comics.[18][19][20]
  • CONFIRMED: The film may be an adaptation of Old Man Logan.[21][22]
  • CONFIRMED: The film may be an adaptation of Alpha Flight.[23]
  • Villains who might appear are Sabretooth, Donald Pierce or Deadpool.
  • DEBUNKED: The film may be X-Men 4.[24]
  • CONFIRMED: The Reavers will appear as the film's main villains.[5]
  • CONFIRMED: Essex Corp will appear as the "global enterprise" backing the Reavers.[5]
  • CONFIRMED: X-23 will be created by Essex Corporation.[14][15]


  • CONFIRMED: Filming may start after X-Men: Apocalypse.[25]
  • DEBUNKED: The film will be shot back to back with X-Men: Apocalypse. [26]
  • CONFIRMED:Production will start on April 25, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.[27]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will be rated R.[28]
  • DEBUNKED: The film's title will be called Weapon X or Wolverine: Weapon X.[29][30][31]


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