Livia Saint
Livia Saint
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Laura Harring

Livia Saint was the wife of corrupt businessman Howard Saint


The Punisher

Livia Saint was the wife of Howard Saint. At Bobby's funeral, Livia is the one who officially calls the hit on Frank Castle and his family after Howard Saint gives her the final say. The Punisher decides to inact his revenge on Livia Saint (with the help of Mickey Duka) by manipulating Howard into believing Livia was having an affair with Quentin Glass (who unbeknownst to Howard, was actually gay). Howard believes it and slaps his wife when she tells him the truth about Quentin, thinking she said it to save her own skin. He drives her to a bridge overlooking a railroad track. He gives her one last kiss and throws her over the bridge, causing her to land on the train tracks and be killed by an oncoming train.



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