Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Tom Nowicki

Lincoln was one of Howard Saint's henchmen.


The Punisher

Lincoln assisted Bobby Saint and Quentin Glass with the murders of Frank Castle's various family members using heavy machine guns and uzis. He later reported to Howard Saint after Castle dropped off his own tombstone onto the Saint's property, much to Howard's rage.

Lincoln and Quentin supplied torture devices to use against Castle's apartment complex neighbor Dave in order to draw Castle out. After pulling out various rings attached to Dave's eye-brows, Joan was forced to help Bumbo rush Dave to a nearby hospital clinic while Castle decided after dispatching one of Saint's goons rather discreetly.

At the Saint's private party, Lincoln was minding his own business and ready to provide muscle should there be any rude interruption. Castle ambushed Saint's party and massacred all of the remaining men, while Lincoln thought he had the upper hand when he blasted a few shotgun rounds into Castle's chest. Much to his surprise, Castle had bullet-proof armor on and Lincoln was dispatched and succumbed to a fatal stabbing under his chin and through the mouth via one of Castle's knives.



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