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Appeared in The Avengers

Leviathans are extraterrestrial animal-slaves and warships for the Chitauri. Not much about them is known, only that they are cybernetically-enhanced beasts which aid the Chitauri during their attempted invasion of Earth. They exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and first appeared in The Avengers.


The Avengers

The first of the Leviathans appears after the first wave of Chitauri invaders, bringing with it dozens of foot troops. The beast tears down buildings with its underbelly and flies through the air by an unknown force. This Leviathan is killed by a direct punch to the head from the Hulk, but is shortly followed by a number of others, each bringing additional troops. Thor destroys a number of Leviathans by summoning up a great deal of thunder and lightning and reflecting it upon the beasts. Another is killed when the Hulk penetrates its body with its own spinal plate, which is hammered down inside the creatures spine by Thor. The last of the Leviathans is killed by Iron Man, when he flies directly inside the creature in allusion to Jonah and the Great Fish, blowing it up from the inside. The fate of the remains of these creatures is unknown.


Behind the scenes

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  • The Leviathans are completely original creations by Zak Penn and Joss Whedon and did not appear with the Chitauri in Mark Millar's The Ultimates.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (1 film)


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