Leonard Samson
Doc Samson
Alias(es) Dr. Samson
Appeared in The Incredible Hulk
Status Alive
Actor Ty Burrell
"You know, it's a point of professional pride for me that I can tell when somebody's lying. And you are."
―Leonard Samson [src]

Doctor Leonard Samson is Bruce Banner's psychotherapist and friend, who was also romantically involved with Betty Ross for a time.


The Incredible Hulk

Leonard Samson is a psychiatrist, working in the same campus as Betty Ross. When, after the incident, Bruce Banner disappeared, he became romantically involved with Betty, and the two formed a couple until the day of Bruce's return. Despite his jealousy, Samson agrees to have Bruce as a host in his home, and doesn't sleep in the same bed as Betty while he's there, as a sign of respect for both of them.

Character traits

Leonard Samson is a very smart and capable psychiatrist, and a good person. He's very correct and sensitive, and he's ready to do anything to please the woman he loves, even to accept his rival in his house and leaving Betty's side for not hurting his feelings.

However, he starts to be worried about Betty and calls her father, who brings the army at the campus and starts a massive attacks to Bruce, who becomes the Hulk and flees with Betty in his arms. Samson soon realizes his mistake as he sees the creature trying to protect Betty and the soldiers only interested in taking Banner in custody with no worry for the civilians involved. He has a quarrel with Ross and starts sympathizing for Banner especially after he realizes that Ross is such a jerk. In the end, he realizes he has lost Betty, who was still in love with Bruce, and remains alone and he accepts that like the good man that he is.



Behind the scenes

  • While most of Samson's scenes were cut out of the final film, they are present in The Incredible Hulk: Extended Edition release, and are to be considered canon.
  • Louis Leterrier chose Ty Burrell to portray Samson because, in an early script, the character was very much like the one Burrell interpreted in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead.


  • In the comics, Samson too is exposed to Gamma radiation which turns his hair green and enhances his strength, but he still retains his intelligence (unlike The Hulk). In the movie, Samson appears close to what he was in the comics, prior to the incident.
  • Almost all of Samson's deleted scenes were cut from the final release of the movie: a dialogue between Samson and Bruce Banner, another one with General Ross, and two with Betty, as well as a scene in which he's stated to be one of Banner's accomplices and a final scene in which he asks for Betty's forgiveness for having brought the Army to the campus and tries to convince her to come back, but fails.


The Incredible Hulk



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