"Chapter 4"
Director: Larysa Kondrackil
Writer(s): Noah Hawley
Series: Legion
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 4
Original airdate: March 1, 2017
Previous Episode: "Chapter 3"
Next Episode: "Chapter 5"

"Chapter 4" is the fourth episode of the first season of Legion.


David's in trouble, while his friends search for answers.


Continuity and References to the Earth-10005

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  • The poem that Oliver recites is "California Supermarket" by Allen Ginsberg.
  • When they are in the astral plane, Oliver Bird asks David if he likes beatnik poetry. The poem he recites in part is "A Supermarket in California" by well-know beat-poet Allen Ginsberg.
  • Kerry Loudermilk wears a blue pantsuit and brown trenchcoat, similar to James Arthur Madrox, aka Multiple Man, in the X-Factor comics. Multiple Man can create multiple versions of himself, whereas Kerry and Cary Loudermilk are two different people that share the same body.
  • First appearance of the Astral Plane, which frequently appears in the Marvel Universe, especially X-Men.




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