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Laura Kinney
Logan Teaser Still 14
Alias(es) X-23
Laura Howlett
Appeared in Logan
Status Alive
Actor Dafne Keen
Sienna Novikov (Stunts only)

Laura Kinney is a young mutant child with the same powers as Wolverine, she is also his biological daughter.



X-23 (officially designated as X23-23) is a mutant, artificially created by the Transigen Project to use as a soldier. Her biological father was Logan, having been created with genetic DNA samples acquired by the Alkali Lake team, and thus she shared his healing factor and retractable claws; Transigen also coated her bones with adamantium. When the X-23 project was deemed a failure after the success of the X-24 project, X-23 was spirited away from Transigen by her nurse, Gabriella Lopez, who had named her Laura. Gabriella wanted to get her to North Dakota to the mutant haven known as Eden, and tried to get Logan to help them. After Gabriella was killed by the Reavers, X-23 ended up in the company of Logan and Charles Xavier on the run. As they headed north, they were constantly dogged by the Reavers and also X-24, which resulted in Xavier's death. Alone with Logan, the pair headed for North Dakota – X-23 because she believed that Eden existed, and Logan to prove that it did not. Arriving, they found a small group of children led by Rictor. Along with the other children, X-23 headed north to cross the border into Canada. They were followed by the Reavers and X-23 fought alongside Logan to protect the others. When X-24 mortally wounded Logan, X-23 killed him by shooting him with an adamantium bullet through the head. She comforted Logan as he died, then buried him. As a final testament to him, she removed the cross marking his grave and turned it on its side, creating an "X".

Character traits

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Powers and Abilities

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  • Earth-10005 (1 films)

Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Laura Kinney is a mutant known as X-23 who is experimented on in an attempt to replicate what happened to Logan/Wolverine using his DNA.
  • In the comics, Kinney only has 2 adamantium claws, instead of three like Wolverine, though she does possess a third claw in her foot.
  • In the comics, X-23 is the female clone of Logan/Wolverine, however, in the film version of Logan; she is his biological daughter.



Promotion, Filming, and Concept Art

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