Lady Tanaka
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Kim Miyori

Lady Tanaka is a Yakuza boss who opposes the Punisher.


The Punisher

Lady Tanaka is the leader of a powerful Yakuza family, who's expanding his territory in New York City. When the Mafia, weakened by the continuous attacks of The Punisher, reunites under the control of Gianni Franco and gains a new, great power in the criminal activities of NY, Tanaka and her Yakuza tries to convince Franco and his men to perform a fusion. Franco intially agrees, seeing in the alliance a way to improve Mafia's power, but soon he realizes that Tanaka just wants to subdue the mobster and to control all of his activities.

When the Mafia bosses refuse her control, Tanaka decides to force them to ally. She has all of the bosses' children kidnapped, but the most of them is freed by The Punisher, who's turning his attenction to the Yakuza. In the operation, Castle is captured by Tanaka who, after torturing him, has him arrested by the police. With Franco's child, Tanaka is still able to blackmail the Mafia and to gain power on all NY criminal activities.

Unexpectedly, Franco allies himself to the Punisher and the two of them breaks into Tanaka's hideout, killing all the Yakuzas they find, included Tanaka's bodyguard, her adoptive daughter. Tanaka's life is initially spared, but, when her enemy turns his back to her, she tries to kill him with a hidden knife. Castle reacts and throws his knife to her forehead, killing her instantly.

Character traits

Lady Tanaka was a pitiless woman, with no morality nor humanity. She's cold and cruel, ready to do anything in order to reach her own aims, even to kidnap, and if the occasion requests it, kill, children. She appears to be not linked even to her own daughter, who she traits more like a mere subordinate.


Behind the scenes

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  • Lady Tanaka has a makeup that, curiously, more than the one of a traditional Japanese noble, resembles the one of a Kabuki actress.