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Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones portrayed Blade in Blade: House of Chthon.

Significant roles

  • Brotha X in Ride (1998)
  • T-Bone in The Playaz Court (2000)
  • Leon in L.A.X. (2002)
  • Grady Rhames in Platinum (2003)
  • Jeremy in Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
  • Dalton in House of the Dead 2 (2005)
  • Kern Little in The Shield (2002-2006)
  • Richard Allen in Breaking Point (2009)


  • "They didn’t have me go through physical test or anything, but they did ask me about my background about fighting and gym and stuff like that. Their biggest concern was if they can pull it off, having an actor do the show for a season. Action is all good and well, but in order to have a successful series, the audience has to have a connection with the character. It can’t be a guy that knows how to fight but can’t act and it can’t be a guy that can act but can’t fight. They need a happy medium."
  • "It’s wonderful to step into Wesley’s shoes. He did an excellent job. This is an excellent franchise. That’s like asking Christian Bale if he had any reserve about stepping into Michael Keaton’s shoes when he played Batman. It’s not any of our shoes. The comic book existed before the movie."
  • "For starters, I changed the way he looks. I got a bald head with a goat tee. Actually, the Blade in the comic book looks closer to me than any of the Blades they’ve had. I think my voice might be a little bit different as well."
  • "I do at least 95% of my stunts. The guys are mad at me. They come on the set, put on the clothes, put on the tattoos and sometimes they sit around and don’t even do anything. Not to take anything away from my stunt guys because they are incredible. As a matter of fact, just recently, one of the guys had to jump from a three-story building and I wasn’t going to do it and outside of that, the insurance wouldn’t let me do that. They do stuff like that, but when it comes to the fighting and physical, I’ve been physical all my life. I’m just a physical person."

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