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Kelsey Chow

Kelsey Chow

Kelsey Chow portrayed Sally Avril in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Significant roles

  • Gigi Silveri in One Tree Hill (2005-2009)
  • Mikayla Makoola in Pair of Kings (2010-2011)


  • "I was in college and I was in the middle of finals and I got this call from my manager, he just put this audition on tape, I was in such a rush, I was like I dunno I have a billion things to do. And so I recorded the audition on Photobooth on my Macbook Pro and yeah and I found out, we were shooting Pair of Kings, uh this cool, very small role in the hallway speaking with Peter Parker. And it was so cool, really great experience."
  • "I suppose I lead him on to a certain degree."
  • "They gave my character the role of Sally Avril and I realized that it has more of a history in the comic books, which was really cool. I think eventually she kinda becomes a psychic. That is not explained in the movie."
  • "No costume for me, yeah, maybe later."

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