Karen Page
Karen Page
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Alive
Actor Ellen Pompeo

Karen Page is Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson's secretary.



Karen Page is the secretary in Nelson & Murdock Legal Studio. She informs Matt and Foggy that Wilson Fisk has invited them to a dancing party in his manor.

Character traits

Karen Page is a warm and kind woman, a professional secretary, who believes in the ideals of Nelson & Murdock's studio.



Behind the scenes

To be added


  • Most of Karen Page's scenes were deleted from the theatrical cut, but can be seen in the extended cut.
  • In the comics, Karen Page is Matt Murdock's love interest until she's killed by Bullseye.
  • Karen was also the one who sold out Matt Murdock's identity as Daredevil to the Kingpin in the comics due to being a drug junkie at the time who wanted quick cash.



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