Julio Richter
Alias(es) Rictor
Appeared in Logan
Status Alive
Actor Jayson Genao
Julio Richter, also known as Rictor, is a mutant who possesses seismic energy.



Rictor was created along with LauraGideonBobbyDelilahJamaica, and Rebecca by Zander Rice as part of the Transigen Project. Rice used genetic samples from mutants to create new embryos that were carried by captured women. Transigen files list Dominic Petros as the genetic source for Rictor.

Rictor, Laura, and the other mutant children were supposed to become soldiers but were deemed failures after the creation of X-24. Rictor and most of the mutant children escaped to found Eden, a safe haven in North Dakota, while Laura was adopted by Gabriela.

When Laura and Logan finally reach Eden, Logan is nursed back to health by Rictor and the mutant children. They offer Logan a serum to improve his healing factor and fighting abilities, which he uses. When the Reavers are approaching, Rictor and the mutant children try escape across the Canadian Border. Logan kills most of the Reavers but eventually Donald Pierce holds most of the mutant children at gunpoint. Logan shoots and kills Zander Rice while he is talking and the mutant children manage to escape.

Rictor and the mutant children use their combined powers to kill Pierce. They are also present at Logan's funeral after he died due to his slowed healing factor and injuries sustained fighting X-24. Prior to the funeral, Laura had killed X-24 with an adamantium bullet in an attempt to save Logan. At Logan's funeral, Laura quotes the Western classic, Shane.

After the battle, Rictor, Laura, and the others go across the Canadian border.

Character traits

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Powers and Abilities

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  • Earth-10005 (1 films)

Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Rictor is not a clone of Dominic Petros and is instead the son of a Mexican arms dealer.



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