John Saint
John Saint
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor James Carpinello

John Saint was the son of corrupt businessman Howard Saint.


The Punisher

John Saint is the son of Livia Saint and Howard Saint, and the identical twin brother of Bobby Saint. John is one of the participants that heads to Puerto Rico to assassinate Frank Castle and his family. During Castle's ambush on Howard's casino, Saints & Sinners, John is trapped under fallen debris. Castle finds him and puts an eight-pound, trip-wire activated antipersonnel mine in his hand. John is killed when his arm gives out, causing the mine to detonate.



Behind the scenes

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  • John also appeared in the 2005 Punisher video game (but with an origin that ties directly into 2004's The Punisher film), voiced by Darryl Kurylo. In this version, Jigsaw is John Saint. The explosion at the end of the film did not kill him, the explosion sends John through a window disfiguring his face. Using the name "Jigsaw", he takes up his father's old business vowing revenge on the Punisher. He is also a lieutenant of a rogue Yakuza organization called the "Eternal Sun" and the final boss of the game. After defeating Jigsaw, using stolen Stark Armor, a cutscene is shown where the Punisher seemingly kills Jigsaw by throwing him out of a flying helicopter to deliever him to the cops.

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