John McCone
Alias(es) CIA Director McCone
Appeared in X-Men: First Class
Status Alive
Actor Matt Craven

John McCone was the director of the CIA.


X-Men: First Class

McCone spoke on the phone with Moira MacTaggert while she claimed that Col. Hendry was in the Hellfire Club talking to Sebastian Shaw. McCone looked for Bob in the room, and spotted him talking to other CIA Agents. McCone didn't believe her and hung up.

Later, McCone and other CIA Agents were at the headquarters talking about mutants with Charles Xavier. McCone asked if Charles would ask him a number between 1 and 10, making a joke about it, believing him to be a magician. Xavier started to reveal CIA secrets after reading McCone's mind. McCone yelled at Moira believing that she had brought a spy into the CIA. Raven Darkholme shapeshifted into William Stryker, Sr. proving that mutants are real.

While observing Emma Frost, Stryker and McCone discussed the possibility of war with the mutants, Emma stood up and cut a circle in the glass with her diamond form and stated that it would only be classed as a war if there was an equal chance that humans would win, suggesting that mutants were superior.

When Moira MacTaggert had her memory wiped by Xavier, she couldn't explain anything that had happened other than a kiss, prompting McCone to say that the CIA was no place for a woman. A big shake in the building interrupted as Magneto broke Emma out of their holding facility.



Behind the scenes


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