John Jameson
Alias(es) Colonel Jameson
Appeared in Spider-Man 2
Status Alive
Actor Daniel Gillies

John Jameson is J. Jonah Jameson's son and was Mary Jane Watson's fiancé


Spider-Man 2

John Jameson is J. Jonah Jameson's son and a national hero: he's an astronaut, famous for having played football on the moon. He meets the actress Mary Jane Watson, falls in love with her and becomes her fianceé. As the day of the wedding draws closer, MJ starts to become dubious about it, and she "tests" John kissing him just like Spider-Man did (upside down), but did not experience the same sensation given by the kiss from Spider-Man, although John greatly apreciates it.

At the wedding day, John awaits for his beloved Mary Jane, but she leaves him at the altar, choosing Peter over him. John is clearly distressed over the event, but his father just complains about how much the cavial costed to him.

Character traits

John is a skilled austronaut and an exceptional pilot. He seemes to be a gentle man, a good person and a sweet boyfriend for MJ, quite the opposite of his father.


Behind the scenes

  • John Jameson's character was added because Sam Raimi wanted to add a love-triangle storyline.


  • In the comics, John Jameson is transformed by the Godstone in the villain known as Man-Wolf. In the movie, there are some reference to his alterego, such as the medallion John wears, and a scene in which is filmed near a full moon.


Spider-Man 2