John Howlett
Appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Status Deceased
Actor Peter O'Brien

John Howlett was the husband of Elizabeth Howlett who believed himself to by James' father.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

John Howlett was a rich Canadian noble man. In 1845, he tries to fire Thomas Logan, his groundkeeper, because of his violent and inappropriate behavior. Angry for his master's decision, Logan takes his gun and uses it to shoot John, killing him in front of his son James. The trauma of John's murder activates James' mutation.

Character traits

John Howlett appears to be a good man, sincerily worried for his son's health. His personal honor code brings him to despise unmoral behavior, such as Thomas Logan's.



  • Canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

To be added


  • John's story and death in the movie are almost identical to the ones appeared in Joe Quesada's Origin limited series.
  • In the comics, it is strongly implied but never actually confirmed that John Howlett was not the true father of James Howlett. In the film it is confirmed he was not the true father of the man who would become Wolverine.

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