Appeared in The Punisher
Actor Rebecca Romijn
Joan is a friend and neighbor of Frank Castle.


The Punisher

Joan is a shy girl, who lives in an old tenement building with two outcast, the obese Mr. Bumbo and the young punk Spacker Dave. She had a relation with a violent man, who used to beat her, and she finally found the strength and will to leave him, and to abandon alcohol too, which she was addicted to. She found a job as a waitress in one of Howard Saint's clubs, but she doesn't know of the criminal activities of her boss.

Five months after Frank Castle's family is murdered, he takes a room in Joan's building. The man didn't want to know his neighbors and lives on his own, but Joan tries many times to meet him. When her ex boyfriend finds her and threats her once again, Frank comes out of his apartment, beats him and makes him flee, gaining Joan's gratitude. The girl, along with the other two guys, invites Frank to their personal Thanksgiving Day dinner, trying to relate with him, with scarce results.

When The Russian attacks Frank in his apartment, Joan and the others assist helplessy to the fight, but, at the end, they take Frank with them and they try to cure him. As Quentin Glass with his men arrive, Joan is hidden with Frank in a hideout under Dave's floor, and keeps him silent while Dave is tortured by Glass. Fully recovered, Castle kills Glass' men and prepares a massive attack on Saint's manor, thankful to Joan and her friends for helping him. At the end of his vendetta against Saint's family, Frank gives Joan, Bumpo and Dave a lot of money in order to repay them for their help.



  • Non-canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

  • In the scene in which Joan cures Frank's wound on his shoulder, Rebecca Romijn actually nailed Thomas Jane's flesh, sewing the artificial skin to his real one.


  • In the comics, Joan is nicknamed "The Mouse".

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