Jarko Grimwood
Jarko Grimwood
Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Status Deceased
Actor Triple H

Jarko Grimwood was a vampire and the member of Hose of Talos.


Blade: Trinity

Jarko Grimmwood follows the Talos siblings, Danica and Asher, to the Syrian desert, where they find, in a Ziggurat, the tomb of Dracula, the first and most powerful vampire. After taking him in Talos' house, the vampire group is informed that their sworn enemy, Blade, has been captured by the FBI and is taken into custody by two of their familiars, Chief Martin Vreede and doctor Edgar Vance. Grimmwood goes to the FBI with the other vampires, but they're attacked by the Nightstalkers, who've come to free Blade. Grimmwood has a brief fight with the Day-Walker, but he's easily defeated, and manages to escape only using another vampire as a shield against Abigail Whistler's arrows, ending up just losing an eye.

Once back at the base, the vampires mourn their defeat, but Drake intervenes, claiming he's ready to join the fight personally and to take the command of the operations, with much of Danica's dislike. Under Drake's leadership, the vampires annihilate most of the Nightstalkers and have their cell leader, Hannibal King, an ex-vampire, abducted. Jarko enjoys himself torturing King, mocking him and engaging a sort of offense contest, which he clearly loses. After hours of beating, King reveals to his captors that he's got, hidden in his body, a transmitter, and some seconds later Blade and Abigail arrive to the rescue. Jarko is once again defeated by Blade, and once again he manages to flee with his life. Immediately after King disposes of Pac-Man and two vampire pitbulls, Jarko reappears, engaging a fight with an exhausted King. The vampre easily defeats the hunter, but when he's about to bite his neck, Hannibal King inserts a light-bomb in his steel teeth: Jarko, biting the bomb, ends up incinerated.

Character traits

Jarko Grimmwood is a brutal and violent vampire, slow-head and strong-arm, the perfect henchmen for the Talos brothers. He's very tall and muscular, and he's much stronger than a common vampire (even if his strength proves to be no match for Blade anyway). He displays skilled fighting abilities, and is the leader of Talos' personal guard. He's got a crush on his vampire pomeranian pet, Pac-Man.



Behind the scenes

  • Ryan Reynolds is a fan of Triple H's, and didn't allow the stuntmen to take his place during their fighting scene.


  • Grimmwood's steel teeth are a homage to one of James Bond's historical enemies, Jaws, portrayed by Richard Kiel in 007: The Spy Who Loved Me and 007: Moonraker.
  • During the movie, Triple H uses many wrestling moves, including his trademark "knee to face" move.