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Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell portrayed Ben Grimm/The Thing in Fantastic Four.

Significant roles

  • Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot (2000)
  • Pvt. Charlie Shakespeare in Deathwatch (2002)
  • Smike in Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
  • Chris Munn in Undertow (2004)
  • Dick Dandelion in Dear Wendy (2005)
  • Jimmy in King Kong (2005)
  • Dean Stifle in The Chumscrubber (2005)
  • Ralph "Iggy" Ignatowski in Flags of our Father (2006)
  • Hallam Foe in Hallam Foe (2007)
  • Griffin O'Conner in Jumper (2008)
  • Asael Bielski in Defiance (2008
  • Esca in The Eagle (2011)
  • St. John Rivers in Jane Eyre (2011)
  • Jack in Retreat (2011)
  • Tintin in The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
  • Joey Cassidy in Man on a Ledge (2012)
  • Edgar in Snowpiercer (2013)
  • Ray Lennox in Filth (2013)
  • K in Nymphomaniac (2013)
  • Abraham Woodhull in (2014-)


  • "Obviously I'm not made of rocks and obviously I'm not 6 foot 8! It's about capturing the essence of a human being inside of that character when he is transformed and you do that through motion capture. It's a technique that my friend Andy Serkis has very much spearheaded -- he is the guru of performance capture. I've been lucky to work with him three or four times actually, so I very much consider him my mentor."
  • "No we don't. There's no post-credit sequence. But it leaves the door wide open for a lot of different movies."
  • "It's the origins of each character indiviually, how they get their powers, how they learn to deal with them."

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