Jack Taggart
Appeared in Iron Man 3
Status Deceased
Actor Ashley Hamilton
"Savin. Help ... Help me!"
―Jack to Savin before exploding from an Extremis overdose.

Jack Taggart was an Extremis soldier.


Iron Man 3

Jack Taggart, a former soldier, was recruited into A.I.M.'s Extremis project along with Chad Davis. The Extremis serum gave him immense regenerative abilities as well as a very high body temperature making him able to burn things through touch.

Eric Savin met with Taggart at a Chinese Theatre on the orders of The Mandarin to deliver another batch of Extremis to Taggart. Happy Hogan however intervened, making Taggart drop his case to see what was inside.

Savin then stopped Happy but Taggart had already inhaled the Extremis and his body had began to reject it which caused him to explode, incinerating those nearest to him, bringing down the whole theatre and severely injuring Happy which put him in a coma, Savin survived however due to his regenerative healing factor given to him by the effects of Extremis.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Jack Taggert is the armored villain known as Firepower.
  • In the comics, Taggert is African American, while in the movie, he's Caucasian.
  • Firepower, armor and all, appeared in the non–canonical Iron Man 2 video game well before this version of the character was even conceived.


Iron Man 3

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