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Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
Status Alive
Actor Jake Keiffer

Jack is a citizen of New York saved by Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man

When The Lizard attacks New York, Jack is in a car and it falls off the bridge. Spider-Man comes to the rescue and saves it with his web. In the car, Jack is scared and the car starts on fire. Peter takes his mask off, giving it to him telling him it will make him strong. As Jack was climbing up to him, the car fell with him inside. Luckily, Spider-Man shoots a web at Jack, with him hanging on as the car falls to the water.

Back up on the bridge, Jack is returned to his father and his father asks Spider-Man who he is.



Behind the scenes

  • Jack was first featured in the 4-minute super preview of The Amazing Spider-Man.


  • Spider-Man took his mask off in front of him because he was young and could not understand the identity of Spider-Man.


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