Ironette Dancers
Ironette Dancers
Appeared in Iron Man 2
Actors Melanie Brown
Krystal Ellsworth
Victoria Gracie
Gina Cantrell
Renee Herlocker
Jill Ann Pineda-Arnold
Sandy Colton
Annika Ihnat
Jenny Robinson
Lindsay Dennis
Jennifer D. Johnson
Lindsay Rosenberg
Hannah Douglass
Brooke Long
Rachele Brooke Smith
Nadine Ellis
Kylette Zamora

The Ironette Dancers are a group of dancers wearing bikini-like Iron Man outfits. They dance at the opening of the Stark Expo.


Iron Man 2

When Tony Stark, wearing the Iron Man armor, arrived at the Stark Expo, the Ironette Dancers did their dance routine while Stark removes his armor. They then left the stage.