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In connection with the film Iron Man 3, Hasbro released a series of action figures.

  • Hydo Shock Iron Man 
  • Ghost Armor Iron Man
  • Avengers Initiative Assembles Interchangeable Armor System Figures
    • Iron Man Mark 42
    • Iron Patriot
    • Starboost Iron Man
    • War Machine
    • Stealth Tech Iron Man
    • Hypervelocity Iron Man
  • Marvel Legends with parts of Iron Monger
    • Iron Patriot
    • Classic Iron Man
    • Heroic Age Iron Man
    • Iron Man mark 4
    • Ultron
    • LT Col James Rhondes
  • Battle Vehicle
  • 12 inch Electronic Action Figure
  • Sonic Blasting Iron Man Figure
  • Power Charged Action Figure - ARC Strike Iron Man
  • Power Charged Action Figure - ARC Strike Iron Patriot

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