Iron Man was released on DVD and Blu Ray on September 30 2008.

Special Features

The single disc version will contain the movie with deleted and extended scenes.

The Two-Disc "Ultimate Edition" will include:

  • A six-part feature on the origins of the Marvel superhero.
  • A seven-part making-of documentaries.
  • Documentary on the film's visual effects.
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s original screen test.
  • Deleted and extended scenes.
  • A photo gallery of concept art and behind-the-scenes images from the set.

The Blu-ray "Ultimate Edition" will include all features in the Two-Disc version and additional features such as:

  • A "Hall of Armor" that lets viewers zoom in on any of the three Iron Man suits, or Iron Monger, and then activate digital 3-D schematics to check out every weapon. They also can fly around each suit to explore it in great detail.
  • A BD-Live Web application.
  • "Iron Man IQ," that lets users create and share new multiple-choice quizzes based on clips from the film.

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