Iron Man: The Armor Wars
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Len Uhley
Release Date: November 18, 1995
Running Time: 40 mins
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Iron Man: The Armor Wars is a TV Movie in the 90's Iron Man series from season 2.


Adapted from the "Armor Wars" comic series. Iron Man tries to stop a coup in Russia involving Crimson Dynamo, but many people are hurt and Iron Man is made a scapegoat. Tony also discovers, to his horror, that Crimson Dynamo had some secret Stark technology in his armor that contributed to the tragedy. Feeling responsible, Tony designs "negators" and sets out to take on every armored warrior in the world. Rhodey and Julia beg him to stop. Nick Fury warns him not to do it. But Iron Man proceeds, nailing the Controller, Stilt-Man, Beetle, Blacklash and Whirlwind, in what looks like vigilantism gone amok. Justin Hammer, who stole the technology in the first place, is thrilled with the furor over Iron Man's actions. Iron Man's quest takes him to the Vault where he takes on the Guardsmen, led by his buddy Hawkeye!

Iron Man defeats Hawkeye and negates the Guardsmen. After Iron Man discovers that Stingray's armor doesn't have the Stark technology, War Machine arrives and confronts Iron Man. Although torn, Iron Man attacks War Machine and negates him, too. Justin Hammer offers to stop the "renegade" Iron Man with a massive armored warrior named Firepower. A titanic battle with Firepower leaves Iron Man apparently blown up, but an injured Stark had sent in his empty armor and has crawled to safety. As a disheartened Tony retreats into his locked lab for weeks, Firepower begins a secret reign of terror on Stark Enterprise facilities. Finally, Tony emerges from his lab with a special Exo-Armor to confront Firepower.