Iron Man: Hands of the Mandarin
Director: Bob Arkwright
Writer(s): Bob Arkwright
Dan Thompson
Release Date: February 17, 1996
Running Time: 40 mins
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Iron Man: Hands of the Mandarin is a TV Movie in the 90's Iron Man series from season 2.


The Mandarin, now reunited with his 10 rings, proclaims to the world that he is taking over. But the United Nations doesn't take him seriously, he shuts down New York City. Iron Man tries to stop him, but is immobilized by the Mandarin's anti-technology field and has to be rescued by alienated former comrade, Hawkeye. In order to stop Mandarin - who's out to return Earth to an era of pre-technology, with himself as ruler - Tony recruits his Force Works teammates. Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman and Century will be helpful since their powers are non-technology based. Mandarin has returned to China where he's got his old crew - including Blacklash, Blizzard, Whirlwind, Hypnotia, MODOK - out wreaking havoc. Force Works and Iron Man travel to China, where they find Mandarin's minions. Mandarin cackles, because he has brought them into his plan and they will soon discover the secret of his power, the ancient intergalactic crystal known as the Heart of Darkness.

Using information from a captured Mandarin minion, Iron Man shows up at his citadel, where he falls victim to the anti-technology field. He is toyed with by the Mandarin and unmasked. Tony wonders why Mandarin is waiting to take over the world - unless he doesn't have the power yet to do so. The rest of Force Works storm the citadel, but ultimately are taken captive. Mandarin plans on using the energies of them to power his Heart of Darkness. Meanwhile, Tony escapes and reaches Stark Industries in Hong Kong, where his old ally Dr. Su-Yin and Rhodey help him to work on an experimental DNA-based micro-processor that will be impervious to Mandarin's anti-technology. Iron Man, wearing non-technology based armor, show up for a climatic battle with Mandarin.


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