Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Tales of Suspense
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Julien Magnat
Thomas Barichella
Release Date: November 28, 2009
Running Time: 40 mins
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Iron Man: Armor Adventures - Tales of Suspense is a TV Movie in Iron Man: Armor Adventures series that serves as the season 1 finale.


Zhang, freed by the Tong, recovers the rings from Gene, then kidnaps Tony and Pepper, taking the fourth ring and destroying the factory above the Armory. Following Rhodey's information, Zhang proceeds to Machu Picchu where he forces Gene and Tony to activate the test for the fifth ring, "Sacrifice". When a dragon statue called Fin Fang Foom comes to life, the Tong flee, and Pepper manages to take the Mandarin’s gauntlet and rings. Meanwhile, Rhodey, having stumbled across the War Machine suit, heads for Peru with the Mark I armor in tow, but a systems failure strands him in space.

Using remote control, Rhodey uses the Mark I armor to push himself back into Earth’s atmosphere. Arriving at Machu Picchu, he attacks Zhang and the Tong helicopters, and then bursts into the temple. Tony suits up, revealing his identity as Iron Man to Gene. In an abortive attempt to pacify Fin Fang Foom, Pepper had thrown the rings into the dragon’s mouth. Eventually, Gene allows the dragon to eat him, saving Pepper and passing the test; reemerging with the gauntlet and all five rings, he reveals himself to be the Mandarin. Furthermore, Gene admits responsibility for the attack on Stark’s plane, and claims that Howard is alive and in his custody. After fleeing, confused and frustrated, Gene throws the rings, revealing a map to the locations of five additional rings.