Ilram Choi is Andrew Garfield's stunt double inThe Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Choi also doubled for Tadanobu Asano as Hogun in Thor and provided stunt work on an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and for the Marvel films Iron Man 3 (for which he was also credited as an Extremis soldier) and Guardians of the Galaxy.


  • "Kenneth Branagh was great. He was very detailed and precise with the actors. Since he's an actor himself he knew how to get the necessary performances out them with ease. I was quit busy with my part as Tadanobu Asano's stunt double so I didn't get to mingle with the cast as much. Everyone was very professional and focused on there part. If there were any funny moments then I must have missed them. However, Tadanobu was very talented physically so I really didn't have to do much on the shoot day. He was very adamant in doing his own stunts."
  • "I never know what or when my next job will be. So I just try to stay in shape when I'm not working or busy doing the stunts safely when I'm working. It's difficult to keep practicing when your not working because there is always risk of injury. For instance, I twisted my ankle at the gym practicing and then got called for Thor a few weeks later. It took 6 months for my ankle to heal all the way. So half way through the film I had a twisted ankle."
  • "I was excited for sure. When I was called in they never told me what it was for. There's a lot of secrecy on some of these films. So as I was rehearsing I eventually found out a few days later. Sometimes people will be called in for rehearsal to see how they will do so they won't give you any info just incase you don't get picked. This is common if you're working under someone you don't know. In this case it was Andy Armstrong. I've always wanted to work for him so it was a real pleasure. Also when you work on a new show there are always new people. It's great to meet and work with new fellow stuntmen and women."
  • Why not? Why not be superhuman? You wouldn’t have to rely on a utility belt or webs.
  • You’re in the [Spiderman] suit, out there on set, and people are taking pictures of you [...] That’s definitely a reality check.
  • Since you can’t see a face, since I’m in the suit, I didn’t have to be white or look like Andrew [Garfield]...
  • I was only interested in the coolest movement. I didn’t want to go to martial arts to learn the basics, to block a punch or dodge a bullet... It becomes a performance art, you can’t apply it. I’m not going to do a back-flip kick to protect myself.
  • These were animated characters that were doing unrealistic movements, that defied the laws of physics, and that’s what intrigued me... Can [I] do that? How can I manipulate the moves that I have now to do something similar?
  • "We got to do a lot of the stunts practically in the amazing Spider-Man. We wanted to give the fans more realistic stunts but there still was a lot of CG (computer graphics) in the final cut. But the animation looked a lot better then the original I think. I mainly did the fighting and wire work stuff. I do want to give credit to David Elson and William Spencer as the other stunt doubles."


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