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Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada portrayed Shingen Yashida in The Wolverine.

Significant roles

  • Takeda Katsuyori in Sengoku jietai (1979)
  • Jin-wu in Long zhi ren zhe (1982)
  • Inue Shinbei Masashi in Satomi hakken-den (1983)
  • Masahiro in New York Koi Monogatari (1988)
  • Takao Hamura in Kôkô kyôshi (1993)
  • Ryûji Takayama in Rasen (1998)
  • Ryûji Takayama in Ringu (1998)
  • Ryûji Takayama in Ringu 2 (1999)
  • Seibei Iguchi in Tasogare Seibei (2002)
  • Ujio in The Last Samurai (2003)
  • Matsuda in The White Countess (2005)
  • Kaneda in Sunshine (2007)
  • Kenji in Rush Hour 3 (2007)
  • Mr. Musha in Speed Racer (2008)
  • Dogen in Lost (2010)
  • Kuranosuke Ôishi in 47 Ronin (2013)


  • "There's a big fight scene between them. It's the famous claws versus samurai swords."
  • "As a Japanese born actor, I would like to say thank you to Jim, Hugh, the crew and cast because a lot of the movie is located in Japan. Sometimes [there are] a lot of misunderstandings of our culture, but they respected our culture and researched a lot. So when I saw the movie I was so happy because this movie had a great balance, a nice mixture of East and West, and tradition and modernism. I think Japanese audiences will be happy watching it. It has very, super modern Japan with nostalgia.. like a taste of old classic Japanese movies."

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