Hiro Hamada
Hiro Render
Appeared in Big Hero 6
Actor Ryan Potter
Hiro Hamada is a child prodigy and the leader of Big Hero 6.


Big Hero 6

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Character traits

Hiro is a half-Japanese, half-Caucasian kid with energy to spare. Luckily for his hometown, though, Hiro is also a super-genius who turns his nurse robot, Baymax, into a formidable, action-movie presence when a threat arises. And while he doesn't have any actual superpowers per se, Hiro dons a flight suit with a red circle on the glove that magnetically connects to the back of Baymax, and they can act as a tag team in battle, Hall says. "They're symbiotic in that way".

Due to his advanced intellect, Hiro was originally an arrogant and unmotivated kid genius who only cared about showing off his skills. But when Tadashi showed him his lab and the things he and his friends were creating, Hiro jumped at the chance to do something more with his brilliance than just make money off of bot battle gambling.

After Tadashi's death, Hiro became a depressed recluse who refused to interact with anyone, and experienced difficulty accepting his brother's death. When Hiro discovered that Callaghan was the one behind Tadashi's demise, Hiro became consumed with violent rage, and even bordered on becoming an unrepentant killer, removing Baymax's healthcare chip and setting him on Callaghan. If not for the intervention of his friends, Hiro would have let Baymax kill the disgraced professor. Afterward, Baymax showed Hiro the clips of Tadashi's test runs in creating him. After this, Hiro finally was able to accept Tadashi's death, and let go of his rage, allowing his friends to comfort him for the first time.


Appearances/Voice Actors

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Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, his name was Hiro Takachiho.


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