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Number of Seasons: 1
Running Time: 60 Minutes
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Hellfire is a TV series that is part of the X-Men film series that will follow the Hellfire Club.


Season 1

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Season 1

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Season 1


In October 2015, Marvel Television announced that two television series based on X-Men characters, Legion and Hellfire are in development.[1] The show is in development with Fox Broadcasting Company and will be produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television. Set in the late 1960s, the show will follow an agent who learns that a power-hungry woman with "extraordinary" abilities is working with a clandestine society of millionaires, known as the Hellfire Club to take over the world. Evan Katz, Manny Coto, Patrick McKay and JD Payne are credited as the co-creators of the show. McKay and Payne will write the pilot, based on a story by Katz, Coto, McKay and Payne. Donner, Singer, Kinberg, Loeb and Chory are also attached as executive producers alongside Katz and Coto who will serve as showrunners.[2] On January 15, 2016, it was reported that Katz, Coto, McKay and Payne exited the series to focus on 24: Legacy.[3]


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