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Alias(es) Helheim
Appeared in Thor: The Dark World
Thor: Ragnarok
Status Active

Hel is a region of Niflheim, one of the Nine Realms. It is ruled by Hela and home of the dead.


Thor: The Dark World

Loki mentions Hel after he was stabbed by Kurse, telling him that he will see him in Hel before Kurse is killed.

Hel can be seen when the convergence happens in London.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

After defeating Wolfgang von Strucker's forces, Thor mentions to Bruce Banner that his victims were at the gates of Hel.

Heimdall mentions Thor leading everyone to Hel in his vision induced by Wanda Maximoff.

Thor: Ragnarok

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  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (2 films)

Behind the scenes

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  • On the audio commentary for Thor: The Dark World, Kevin Feige specifically identifies Hel.


Thor: The Dark World

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Thor: Ragnarok

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