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Hawkeye's Quiver

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Hawkeye's Quiver
Avengers hawkeye-bow Quiver
Appeared in The Avengers

Hawkeye's Quiver is a specialized quiver made for Hawkeye's arrows. It is mechanized and can swap arrowheads such as standard, explosive, or grappling hook. Hawkeye can pick which arrowhead to use with controls on his bow. The quiver then screws the selected arrowhead type onto the end of an arrow shaft. The arrow holders in the quiver also rotate when arrows are used to allow Hawkeye easy access to his arrows.


The Avengers

Hawkeye uses his custom quiver for the final battle against the Chitauri and swaps for a grappling hook arrowhead before jumping off a building, a welding arrow to take down an aircraft, and a disperser arrow to take out several Chitauri with one arrow.  He also uses an exploding arrow and a system hacking/power draining arrow on the Helicarrier to shut off two of its engines.

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