Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Appeared in Spider-Man 3
Status Alive
Actor Bryce Dallas Howard

Gwen Stacy is one of Peter Parker's classmates.


Spider-Man 3

Gwen is a classmate and lab partner of Peter, who (as Spider-Man) rescues her early in the film from a construction crane accident. She kisses an upside-down Spider-Man which causes MJ to become angry and hurt. As Peter is at the top of Dr. Connors' quantum mechanics class, he tutors her; Peter told MJ science wasn't Gwen's strongest subject. She considers Peter a genius and is very fond of him.

She is also in a relationship with Eddie Brock, who took pictures of her so she could be a model. Eddie mistakes her casual friendship for the same kind of romantic attraction he feels for her. This relationship is short-lived, as Peter Parker, under the influence of the symbiote, steals her from Eddie (fueling his hatred for Parker) and goes out on a date with her. He dances with her at the same jazz club where MJ works, but Gwen realizes that Peter is doing this to make MJ jealous. She apologizes to MJ, and leaves.

She is later present at Harry Osborn's funeral.

Character traits

Gwen is a genuine and simple girl, sweet and cheerful. She's also very honest, being worried for Mary Jane Watson's feelings while going out with Peter Parker.



Behind the scenes

  • Bryce Dallas Howard played many of her stunts, despite being several months pregnant.
  • Many fans complained because Sam Raimi substituted Gwen's character with Mary Jane Watson in the first two movies.
  • Howard dyed her hair blonde for the role.


  • In the comics, Gwen's role is much larger in Peter Parker's life, being his first girlfriend and being killed by Green Goblin, thus being a fundamental event in Spider-Man's history.
  • Howard worked with Emma Stone in 2011's The Help, a year before Stone portrayed Gwen in the 2012 film.


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