Appeared in Thor
Thor: The Dark World

Gungnir (Old Norse "swaying one") is Odin's Spear. It is based on the weapon of the same name from Norse mythology which played a prominent part in many of the Norse myths and, in turn, the Marvel Comics continuity. It exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is Asgardian in origin.



Odin uses it against the Frost Giants in the major battle of 965 A.D. to save Earth, and from there on he keeps it as his personal primary weapon. When Thor and some friends invade Jotunheim on their own, Odin comes to save them using the power of Gungnir to temporarly blind the Giants and buying time for Heimdall to bring the group home.

When Odin falls into the Odinsleep, Gungnir falls into the hands of Loki, who proclaims himself the new ruler of Asgard. During the final battle between Loki and Thor, the first wields Gungnir and uses its power to try and defeat his stepbrother, but ultimately fails, and the spear eventually comes back into the hands of his original owner, Odin himself.

Powers and Abilities

Gungnir allows its wielder to channel the Odinforce, emit powerful energy blasts and blinding light. It can match Thor's hammer in battle. It also allows the wielder to control the Destroyer and give it whatever orders they want, as well as to partially possess the armor and perceive what happens around it.


Behind the scenes

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  • Gungnir is made out of Uru metal, which explains it weight/sound effects similar to Mjolnir and why it can be an equal match in battle for Mjolnir, also made of Uru.
  • It is possible that Gungnir is an heirloom passed down through kings of Asgard. Odin's father Bor wielded a similar or the same spear when he ruled and it is presented to Loki when be became regent. 
  • After Frigga's death, she and the other fallen Asgardian warriors, were given a grand funeral ceremony and at the end Odin slammed Gungnir on the ground, and the bodies of the dead transformed into a glittering mist that flew up into the night sky.