GotG sc

Guardians of the Galaxy is the soundtrack of the 2014 film of the same name and comprised of music composed by Tyler Bates.

Track list

  1. "Morag"
  2. "The Final Battle Begins"
  3. "Plasma Ball"
  4. "Quill's Big Retreat"
  5. "To the Stars"
  6. "Ronan's Theme"
  7. "Everyone's an Idiot"
  8. "What a Bunch of A-Holes"
  9. "Busted"
  10. "The New Meat"
  11. "The Destroyer"
  12. "Sanctuary"
  13. "The Kyln Escape"
  14. "Don't Mess With My Walkman"
  15. "The Great Companion"
  16. "The Road to Knowhere"
  17. "The Collector"
  18. "Ronan's Arrival"
  19. "The Pod Chase"
  20. "Sacrifice"
  21. "We All Got Dead People"
  22. "The Ballad of the Nova Corps."
  23. "Groot Spores"
  24. "Guardians United"
  25. "The Big Blast"
  26. "Groot Cocoon"
  27. "Black Tears"
  28. "Citizens Unite"
  29. "A Nova Upgrade"

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