Grand Prix De Monaco
Location Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Appeared in Iron Man 2

Grand Prix De Monaco is a Formula One race held annually on the Circuit de Monaco in Monaco.


Iron Man 2

The race was a huge gathering of the rich ones included Tony Stark and Justin Hammer to observe the race. Tony decided to be part of the race cause he knew his life was ending because of elevated palladium intoxication. While Tony was racing he was attacked by Ivan Vanko.


Behind the scenes

FIA president Bernie Ecclestone had originally awarded permission to film in Monaco prior to the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix, but later retracted. The filmmakers shipped one Rolls-Royce Phantom there, and filmed a track sequence in which race cars were later digitally added. The action scene itself was shot in the parking lot of Downey Studios, in May-June 2009.



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