Goblin Glider
Oscorp Exo-Suit
Creator(s) Oscorp
Owner(s) Harry Osborn (incarcerated)
User(s) Harry Osborn (incarcerated)
Function(s) Transportation device
Status Unknown
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Goblin Glider is the transportation device used by Harry Osborn as Green Goblin.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When taken hostage by Harry Osborn, Donald Menken led him to a secret storage unit, which housed various weapons and serums, including the Goblin armor and glider. When Harry was exposed to the spider-venom developed by Richard Parker, he was quick to don the armor and quickly learned how to operate the glider. Confronting Spider-Man at a clock tower after Electro's defeat, Harry used the glider to indimidatingly hover above the web-slinger and Gwen Stacy, then used the glider to hoist himself and Gwen up into the air when taking her hostage. The fight between Spider-Man and Harry escalated into the clock tower, and Harry was no sooner knocked off of it, its current whereabouts unknown.


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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Promotion, Filming and Concept Art

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