Gianni Franco
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Jeroen Krabbé‎‎

Gianni Franco is a mafia leader who opposes The Punisher.


The Punisher

Since the Mafia families have been almost wiped out by The Punisher's personal war, Gianni Franco, a family leader, steps in and takes control of the families left. His aim is to unite all the families in a single, powerful organization, and his plan almost succeeds. The continuous successes of Franco's new Mafia drags the attenction of Lady Tanaka and her Yakuza, an Asian powerful criminal organization. In order to eliminate concurrency, Tanaka has all the Mafia's children kidnapped for ransom and child slavery.

After a Punisher's attack, all of the children are freed, except Franco's. When Castle is arrested, Gianni Franco has him freed by his men and asks for his help in order to free his own son, Tommy. Castle accepts and, together with Franco, attacks Tanaka's base, wiping out all of the Yakuzas. Once he can hug again Tommy, Gianni Franco turns over The Punisher, wanting to kill him while his guard's down. Warned by Tommy, Castle kills Gianni and leaves, warning Tommy not to follow his father's path.

Character traits

Franco is a capable leader, believing in honor (sort of) and in the values the Mafia families have always respected. He's quite smart, capable of arraning complex plans instead of always charging without thinking.

He's a skilful fighter, in both fire and unarmed combat.


Behind the scenes