Georgi Luchkov
Appeared in The Avengers
Status Alive
Actor Jerzy Skolimowski

Georgi Luchkov is a Russian general.


The Avengers

Georgi Luchkov tied the "infamous Black Widow" to a chair after one of his henchmen knocked her out. One of his henchmen's phones rang claiming it was for Natasha. Whilst talking to Agent Coulson, Natasha reveals she was actually extracting information from Luchkov. When Coulson informs her that Barton has been compromised she signals for Luchkov to take the phone then kicks him in the knees before eliminating the henchmen and breaking free from her restraints. She then drops Luchkov down a hole, left suspended by a chain around his ankle.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Luchkov is a former Russian KGB agent and is an enemy of the Black Widow, this is reflected within The Avengers.