Fred Render
Alias(es) Fred
Appeared in Big Hero 6
Actor T.J. Miller

Frederick or Fred is a member of Big Hero 6.


Big Hero 6

Fred is a lab-rat for Tadashi. He didn’t attend the same school as anyone in the team and did nothing. He loved to make movies after everyone left the lab about himself in a rubber suit and stomping on boxes. Eventually, the others helped him in his works too. Fred is also a comic-book fanboy whose comic knowledge is vital to the team’s mission. He also has a fire-breathing monster suit.

Character traits

Fred is an enthusiastic, bubbly, and overall friendly person at heart. Though he lacks considerably in the area of scientific knowledge that his friends excel in, he is not to be underestimated and has been proven to be rather clever. Fred is a very dynamic and adaptable person who can quickly improvise and make use of his surroundings in a fight, such as when he used a piece of sheet metal and his skills at sign spinning to cut himself free of Callaghan's microbots, and later did the same with two signs while igniting them with his flamethrower. Though not as bright as his prodigious friends, Fred possesses a highly advanced skill in understanding and reading into high-stress situations that would normally leave his more cerebral colleagues incoherent, and is able to discern the bigger picture due to his education as an english major and his knowledge of story-telling. His kaiju suit allows him to make full use of his flexible build, and combined with its hyper jump abilities and flame thrower, makes Fred a valuable asset to his friends. Along with Go-Go and Baymax, Fred is the most level-headed of his friends, although a bit over-eager.


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