Frank Castle, Sr
Frank Castle Sr
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Roy Scheider

Frank Castle, Sr was the father of Frank Castle/The Punisher.


The Punisher

Not much is known about Frank Sr. Save for the fact that he may have been a former law enforcer, due to his knowledge of firearms. He keeps a collection of them at his house, which include a pair of 1911 colts which he customized himself. It was during a family reunion he organized in Puerto Rico, where the Saints manage to track down Frank and massacre his family. Frank Sr. and Son both armed with shotguns, take down as many of Saints before Sr. takes a shotgun blast to his back. With his last bit of strength, Frank Sr. knifes one of the thugs going after Frank. After the entire Castle Family is wiped out save for Frank, he later shows up at his father's house where he retrieves his fathers guns as part of his one-man quest to take down Howard Saint. Out of many of his arsenal, Frank uses the 1911 Colts more frequently. Specifically in duels against both Saint and his thugs.



Behind the scenes

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