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Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip portrayed Virago in Blade: Trinity.

Significant roles

  • Mei Lin in Hak hap (1996)
  • Jin in Freedom (2000-2001)
  • Jenny Wong in These Arms of Mine (2001)
  • Amy Li in Flatland (2002)
  • Dr. Lia Teng in Smallville (2003-2004)
  • Ms. Y in Aliens Vs. Predator 2 (2007)
  • Kate Lam in Blood Ties (2007-2008)
  • Chizuru Kagura in The King of Fighters (2010)


  • "I've gotten some roles that haven't been specifically Asian, and even a couple roles that weren't specifically female. Like, my character in Blade: Trinity was supposed to be male but all of a sudden became female because I ended up playing it. So, I was thinking, Oh OK, so I can cross not only any ethnicity, but any gender!"

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