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The Fantastic Four wear their uniforms in battle.

The Designs

  • In the 1994 film, their uniforms were design by Sue Storm after her mom called them The Fantastic Four. She added a number 4 to each of their suits.
  • In the 2005 film, their suits were designed by Victor von Doom, the synthetics act as a second skin, adapting to a body's individual needs. Their uniforms were exposed to the cosmic storm and thus accomodate their respective powers; Reed's stretches, Sue's turns invisible along with her skin, and Johnny's are fireproof. These would prove quickly indispensable due to the fact the Fantastic Four's more dangerous powers (such as Johnny's) constantly destroyed their normal clothing. They would begin to always wear the skintight suits under other clothes.

FF's uniform from Fantastic Four

  • In the sequel, Johnny endorses a uniform with a lot of campaign promotions including Gillette, Dos Equis XX, Dodge, Keebler, Dell, Nation Wide, Nokia, Coca Cola, Ray Ban and Nestlé Crunch. It is never used.
  • In the reboot, The uniforms the Fantastic Four wear are based on containment suits. Miles Teller said in a interview that the team will wear their classic uniforms . The suits are designed to help control the groups powers by absorbing and focusing the impact.

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