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Rumors about Fantastic Four.


  • Fox Studios are interested with Kevin Pennington for a role in the film. [1]
  • DEBUNKED: The casting of Doctor Doom will be revealed in March.[2][3]


  • DEBUNKED: Doctor Doom could be a woman.[4]
  • DEBUNKED: The film's villain will be Annihilus.[5][6]
  • CONFIRMED: The film's villain will be Doctor Doom.
  • Harvey Elder will be an antagonist in the film.


  • The film will have a darker edge to it than the previous Fantastic Four films.
  • DEBUNKED: The title of the reboot will be Fantastic Four: Reborn. [7]
  • Fox has already begun casting for Fantastic Four and are looking at several A-list actors[8]
  • DEBUNKED: It may be a direct sequel and not a total reboot.
  • DEBUNKED: Fox will have a crossover franchise into one on-screen universe similar to but independent of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with X-Men: First Class, and continuing with this film. [9]
  • CONFIRMED: The Thing will be created solely using computer-generated imagery similar to how the Hulk appeared in The Incredible Hulk.[10]
  • X-Men: First Class Screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are in talks to write the film. [11]
  • Mark Millar said that director Josh Trank will be looking to use classic stories from the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee era for the movie. [12]
  • DEBUNKED: The title will be The Fantastic Four.
  • Details of the film will be announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.
  • DEBUNKED: If the film is unsuccessful or doesn't go ahead the rights may revert back to Marvel.
  • DEBUNKED: The studio may lose the rights by Fall 2014 to Marvel. [13]
  • The film is expect to start shooting in less than 6 months (as of March 2014).[14]
  • Doom's look will require "some CG enhancements" but it's "more or less the same" as the leaked set pictures from a year ago suggested.[15][16][17]


  • DEBUNKED: The film's Synopsis reads "'The Fantastic Four' will tell the tale of two very young friend, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. After an even transforms the boys, they find themselves empowered with bizarre new abilities. Reed becomes a scientific genius who can stretch, twist and re-shape his body to inhuman proportions. Ben becomes a monstrous, craggy humanoid with orange, rock-like skin and super-strength. However, the two end up being owned by the government and used as weapons. But after they mature, two others with powers come into the picture-Sue Storm 'The Invisible Girl' and Johnny Storm 'The Human Torch.'"[18][19]
  • DEBUNKED: The team will be referenced in X-Men: Days of Future Past. [20][21][22]
  • DEBUNKED: Kitty Pryde may appear to gain help of the Fantastic Four to fix her powers.[23][24]
  • The team will battle aliens.[6]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will be based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics.[3]
  • CONFIRMED: According to writer Simon Kinberg, the film will be more realistic and will revolve more on the science aspect on the film.
  • The team will not gain the Fantastic Four name.[25]
  • Doctor Doom and Annihlus will be working together against the team.[26]
  • The team won't be getting their costumes.[27][28]
  • CONFIRMED: The film is not part of the X-Men film universe.[29][30]
  • CONFIRMED: Sue will be the one who's adopted.[31]
  • The team will get their powers from a lab accident.[31]
  • Susan will be romantically involved with Ben from the Ultimate comics.[15]
  • [16][17]
  • Victor will tell the Four "he can do "good" with his powers and help his homeland" and There are many hints towards him becoming ruler of Latveria. [15][16][17]
  • The team will get their powers from Dimension N.[15][16][17]
  • Estimating there is around "30 minutes" of Dimension N action in the movie - he says fans can expect to see the alternate dimension around the first half of the second act and climaxing during the final battle. [15][16][17]


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