Fantastic Four: Inhumans Saga
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Unknown
Release Date: September 30, 1994
Running Time: 60 mins
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Fantastic Four: Inhumans Saga is a TV Movie in the 90's Fantastic Four series from season 2.


And the Wind Cries Medusa

Ben is ambushed by Hydro-Man, Medusa and Trapster and brainwashed by their leader, the Wizard into turning against Reed. Ben lures his friends into a warehouse and with the Frightful Four has them pinned down until Alicia makes him see reason.

The Inhumans Among Us

As Johnny gets caught in a chase between Gorgon and Medusa, The Fantastic Four tail them until Gorgon totals a building they land on. Johnny is met by the Inhumans, who want nothing to do with humans save Crystal. When the other three arrive, a battle ensues with Black Bolt.

Beware the Hidden Land

As the Inhumans fight the Fantastic Four, they retreat with Johnny while the other three are abducted by the Seeker who answers to Maximus the Mad. The Inhumans try revolt against Maximus with the Fantastic Four's assistance. Maximus' Acmo gun fails but he seals the city of Attilan.