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Evan Daniels
Alias(es) Spyke
Appeared in X-Men Evolution: The Cauldron
X-Men Evolution: Day of Reckoning
X-Men Evolution: Ascension
Status Alive
Actor Neil Denis

Evan Daniels, also known as Spyke, is a mutant who can shoot bones out of his body and is the nephew of Storm. He was once a member of the X-Men, but left and joined the Morlocks.


X-Men Evolution: The Cauldron

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X-Men Evolution: Day of Reckoning

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X-Men Evolution: Ascension

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Appearances/Voice Actors

  • TV Movies (3 films)


  • Evan's spot was originally going to be filled by Bobby Drake, but Evan was created as Storm's nephew to allow for a more diverse cast.
  • Evan's lack of popularity caused him to be written out until the end, allowing Bobby to take his place on the team, as it was originally intended.
  • Evan was a unique character that was believed to be inspired by the character Marrow, who also possessed bone-based powers, which was completely unintentional.


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