Elektra Natchios
Electra MCU
Alias(es) Ellie
Louise Badeaux
Appeared in Daredevil
The Defenders
Status Unknown
Actor Élodie Yung
"The battle has begun, Matthew. There's nothing we can do but fight."
―Elektra Natchios[src]

Elektra Natchios is a highly skilled martial artist trained by Stick to combat The Hand. She is the ex-girlfriend of Matthew Murdock.



Early Life

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"Nelson v. Murdock"

During college, Foggy Nelson asked Matt Murdock what happened to the "Greek girl" that he was dating.

"Penny and Dime"

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"Regrets Only"

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"Semper Fidelis"

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"Guilty as Sin"

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"Seven Minutes in Heaven"

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"The Man in The Box"

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"The Dark at the End of the Tunnel"

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"A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen"

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The Defenders

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Character traits

Elektra is shown to be a very confident woman, in both her skills and looks, once telling Matt Murdock that every man she's ever met has wanted to sleep with her. This has led her to be arrogant at times as she believed that she was superior to Stick and that the only reason he attempted to have her killed was because of his jealousy of his pupil.

However, Elektra states that she is alone in the world and believe that Matt and her are kindred spirits as she viewed him as the only person who understands her for who she is deep down. She was deeply upset when he refused to kill Roscoe Sweeney, claiming "I thought you understood me". Elektra also had a habit of becoming bored quite easily which Matt picks up on their first meeting. Thus, she has developed a fun-loving, free-wheeling and wildly unpredictable personality and is more than capable of having a good time throughout her crusade with Matt.

Being raised by Stick for most of her life, Elektra learnt to be the perfect assassin and killer. She can be coldblooded to her enemies and enjoyed killing them; the first time she did was when she was twelve and that was in self-defence but admits that she liked doing so. She doesn't possess Murdock's moral compass but at the same time seems to respect him for his refusal to kill whereas Stick would degrade him for it. Elektra tends to think of her goals as first and furthermost importance with little sympathy to others and little care or even realisation over breaking the law. For example to assist in Murdock's case she forces a confession out of Doctor Gregory Tepper but her involvement made his confession useless entirely and after killing a Hand assassin she believes that it being in self-defence would absolve her over any legal punishment which was corrected by Matt.

Unbeknownst to Elektra herself she was in actuality the Black Sky, a mythical deity within the order of the Hand who is worshipped by its followers. Though she herself had known to have darkness in her heart; this side was violent, volatile and the main reason why she was said to enjoy killing so much. When Nobu finally revealed the truth, Elektra accepted it almost immediately as she seemed to feel that it was truly who she was because her mentor and father-figure always told her to hide who she was after being adopted to a wealthy family, but it was ultimately Matt's words that no one could tell her who she was that put her down the path of good.

In the end, Elektra was a much more selfless and brave woman who was willing to sacrifice herself for the man she loved and assuring that the Hand would never be in possession of the Black Sky. She dies claiming she knew what it meant to be good. However, Elektra was still more concerned about her goals than anything else as she was willing to ignore the hostages that the Hand had kidnapped but she ultimately decided to help Matt save them.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Elektra was trained in martial arts by Stick to become a warrior of the Chaste. Elektra employs a mixed martial arts that derive elements of Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Okinawan martial arts such as sai fighting.
  • Master Assassin: Elektra has assassinated many people on behalf of the Chaste. Some of her marks include a pilot in Buenos Aires, a lawyer in Berlin, and at least six people in Morocco.
  • Multilingualism: Elektra speaks Greek, English, Japanese and French fluently.


  • Sai: Taken from Jacques Duchamps after his failed assassination attempt on her, Elektra kept his twin sai and used them as her own whilst she hunted down Stick. She proved to be a capable fighter with them and was shown to prefer them to fist-fighting.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics and series, Elektra is trained by Stick.



Promotion and Filming


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