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Edward Norton

Edward Norton

Edward Norton portrayed Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

He re-wrote much of the screenplay for the film before and during filming, although he is not credited as a writer. .[1]

Significant roles

  • Eisenheim in The Illusionist (2006)
  • King Baldwin in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
  • Monty Brogan in 25th Hour (2002)
  • Will Graham in Red Dragon (2002)
  • Nelson Rockefeller in Frida (2002)
  • The Narrator in Fight Club (1999)
  • Derek Vinyard in American History X (1998) (oscar nominated)
  • Aaron Stampler in Primal Fear (1996) (oscar nominated)


  • "I thought it was an amazing opportunity to put our hands on one of the really classic modern mythologies. And take it seriously."
  • "Mark is like a brother to me. Besides, he's got two kids, and I'm really happy he gets to have this moment with them."
  • "I didn't watch the movie yet, it's not a priority."


  1. Zak Penn Receives Sole Writing Credit on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Robert Sanchez,, June 4, 2008
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